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Car Rental Safety Tips You Should Know Before You Rent A Car

Car Rental Safety Tips

Travellers travel in their owns ways, some loves to go hopping into different buses, others go on hitchhiking adventure, whilst the other would rather rent a car and drive themselves around and explore the new destination.

I always love the idea of renting a car, the time flexibility lets me decide when to leave, where to go. I can easily hop in and hop off whenever and wherever I want to. Driving in an unfamiliar place is truly an exciting adventure where sometimes we overlook some safety practices that we should keep on top of our heads.  I hope these car rental safety tips will be useful to your future plans about going on a road trip.

Car Rental Safety Tips


Before Reserving Your Car

There are a lot of major factors to consider before hitting that button on your computer screen or fully paying the amount via your card. Before you decide to rent that car, keep these pointers to make sure this experience will give you a memorable adventure and not a bucket full of headaches!

Checking The Driving Rules

We are all wandering and lost soul when we arrive at our new destination; we don’t know when to cross the road, who to ask, which is polite and impolite. What you can do is to conduct a research or ask a local who can educate you and give some answers to your questions.

Make sure you checked the driving rules of the country you are about to go. Each rule differs from each other. Driver’s license? Insurance? Right and left? You know what I mean.

Car and Travel Insurance

It is always unpredictable when you are on road, especially when you are driving in a foreign country, make sure to check to your travel insurance and credit card company the coverage regarding renting a car in the country of your destination.

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Car Rental Safety Tips

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Picking Up Your Car

The main purpose of this section is to make sure that the car you will be renting is in a good condition, the access to maintenance and customer support should be reliable as well.

Vehicle Maintenance

Ask the person-in-charge about the last time that the vehicle has received maintenance. If you can clearly see that the representative couldn’t give you a clear answer, this is a red flag.

Customer Support

With the unpredictable events on the road, make sure to ask who you should contact in case of emergencies like car breakdowns or if you lose your keys. Keep the names and numbers on your phone or somewhere safe where you can access the details easily.

Don’t Get Ripped Off

Check if you are paying or have paid the same amount you saw on your computer and the receipt they handed to you. You don’t want to get ripped off as a starter on your trip.

Car Rental Safety Tips

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Before You Drive Off

Never ever leave the lot without checking these points off your list to avoid any hassle whilst on the road.

Take a look at the car, take photos of the major panels. If you spot any damage, write that down and take a snap photo. You can always ask the representative about this if that will make you feel better. These photos will be useful if the rental company hold you responsible for the damage later.

Make sure to bat an eye on the tires if they are not well inflated. Remember to open the boot to make sure you have an inflated extra tire, a jack, and a lug wrench for changing the tire.

Check the odometer. If you see that the car has more than 25,000 miles, it is considered a senior rental car and that is something you should be concern about. Open the hood, check the fluid level, if you are well familiar with these, you know which one you should be concern about.

Get inside the car, familiarise yourself with it, adjust the seat, mirror, try out the hazard lights, windows controls, windshield wiper, turn signal, headlights, etc.

When you feel ready, take the car for a quick drive around the lot. Test for turning and breaking, if you heard a sound that doesn’t sound so right, ask the representative about it.

If everything is okay and you are ready to head out, make sure you have your GPS, online and manual maps if ever you are not familiar with the area.

Other Safety Tips

If you enjoy picking up a hitchhiker, do a research if it is safe or if it is legal, some countries don’t allow hitchhiking, whilst some places consider this as a major transportation.

Pack a good light-weight torch, this will definitely come in handy in case of emergencies. 

I hope these car rental safety tips will be useful for your future car renting decisions and plans!



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Edward Wesley - 11/08/2018

Very caring tips you share on this blog. I am reading your blog and i get the valuable information about car rental. Really awesome tips. Thanks!

Andrea Myers - 09/03/2018

It’s great that you elaborated on making sure to ask the car rentals whom you should contact in case of emergencies like car breakdowns. Our family are planning a road trip adventure, and we’re in search of a 15 seater van that can accommodate us. I’ll make sure to keep this in mind when we rent a van.

Sharon Wilson Smith - 06/12/2017

The best part of your article for me is when you talked about how you must make sure that you can contact a customer support in case of emergencies like car breakdowns. My father is looking to date my mother for their 30th anniversary, and I’m looking to rent a luxury car for to make their date more memorable and magical. Their safety is important to me, so I want to make sure that I have the right numbers to contact if any emergencies come up while on the road. I will make sure to consider all your tips.

Harper Campbell - 01/09/2017

We are getting ready to go on vacation, but we are in need of getting a rental car to help us get around. It’s good to know that when it comes to picking the car that one thing we need to do is ask the service when the last time the vehicle received maintenance. This will be helpful so that we will get a car to get around in.

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