Bangkok Will Never Let You Go Unharmed – Backpacker's Horror Story

By Mary Charie / 20/06/2016

Bangkok Will Never Let You Go Unharmed



My friend loved to say; Bangkok will never let you go that easily. I visited Bangkok twice before this unfortunate event, luckily  I walked away unharmed, but not this time.


I arrived at the airport of Bangkok late night for my early flight to Europe the next morning. So, I decided to spend the night in the airport instead of travelling from the city of Bangkok early in the morning.


That night, I barely slept because I already missed a flight the day before. I want to make sure that I will make it this time. I’m flying from Bangkok to Copenhagen with the connection in Helsinki. I walked into the check-in desk with the confidence. With my surprise, the person behind the desk won’t let me in. My visa is valid from 10th of June but I was about to fly on the 9th of June. As a planner myself, I already made sure that this is alright, as when I land in Copenhagen, my visa is already valid. Unfortunately, the officers are not having it.


I was about to fly with Finnair and have asked them about this situation. That my visa is not valid yet when I land in Helsinki but it will be when I arrived in Copenhagen. They told it should be all good as long as I stay in the transit area.


The officers in Bangkok told me that there is no way this is possible. I tried to explain to them that I have to make it on time in Denmark as I need to make it to someone’s 60th birthday party and it was actually the airline’s mistake that they gave me wrong information.


With no luck, I walked away with tears in my eyes, heartbroken that I can’t fly that day and wasted at least 250 USD worth of ticket. They suggested to me to book another flight for the next day which I did immediately.


I have no idea where I got the calmness when I message Finnair. however, they responded to me with apologies, admitting their mistake and the offer of re-booking the flight with 100 euros charge instead. I just rebooked it myself and paid 380 USD, I told them. Finnair asked me if I can cancel it, which I have no hope that it will be allowed.


Luckily, I was able to cancel it. But, the nightmare didn’t end there. Finnair wanted me to do a phone call to confirm the rebooking and to pay the 100 euros: Hell there is no way to make the phone call to Finland from Bangkok in a cheap and convenient way. I managed to get hold of them after spending more money and no luck that they could hear me. I have to ask my friend in Denmark to make the call for me. It worked! And now waiting for the email confirmation and the new ticket. It took few more phone calls from Denmark and more than an hour shaking because of stress before Finnair managed to send the bloody email and ticket. The nerves were all over my body, even after receiving the confirmation, I couldn’t sleep.


The check in time came, I stood 4th in the queue. I was shaking and can’t even stand on my feet. I can’t feel anything other than my heart beating fast and sweaty palms. When it was finally my turn, it wasn’t easy of course. They asked me tonnes of questions with suspicions. Sure they were just doing their jobs. I can remember myself have no emotion painted on my face, my mind wasn’t working, I didn’t have the energy to argue with them. I was ready to just walk away and forget about it if they deny me again.


To be honest, I guess they felt sorry for me, so they let me board this time. I stayed in Bangkok airport for 2 nights, even the staffs on the one and only shop there started to notice me for keep coming back for 48 hours in their store buying frozen food.


I finally made it in Copenhagen and waiting for my train to leave, damn I don’t know what I have done to deserve all these, and the train was cancelled.


It was a distressful experience; I am literally traumatised and cannot imagine myself to be in any airport anytime soon. Oops, did I mention that I missed my flight from somewhere to Bangkok the day before? No, I actually didn’t miss it, again, the dickheads didn’t let me board. But that’s another story.


— Mary, Bangkok, Thailand 2016




NOTE: I had a really lovely time in Bangkok and I highly recommend that you should visit it for starters in Southeast Asia. The accident I had was somehow some way bound to happen to any travellers.



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Bangkok Will Never let you go

About the author

Mary Charie

She's the person behind this blog, she has been travelling since 2013. Torn between her itchy feet and writing, Mary found herself soaking up in the world of travel blogging. She travels on her own terms and tries to build her own world whilst pushing herself into every corner of life, breaking limit beyond her capabilities.

Mary Charie - 05/07/2016

i hope so too! Thanks! safe travels!

Cai Dominguez - 29/06/2016

Im sorry to know all these horror stories, I dont know if I can remain calm if I were on your situation. Im glad your done here and Things like these are really part of travelling. Keep safe always!

    Mary Charie - 05/07/2016

    Thanks for reading Cai! Still on recovering stage, but getting there! 🙂

Evan Kristine - 28/06/2016

Oh Dear Mary Charie! I’m sorry you had to go through this. I’m glad you’re back safe in Europe though and I’ll be following your adventures dear and lets hope that things like this don’t happen again!

    Mary Charie - 05/07/2016

    Thanks Evan <3

Jessica Ayun - 27/06/2016

Hey Mary! So you’re back in Aarhus? How long will you stay?
Still part of the horror experiences one can get for having a passport like us, I guess, though it was the airline’s fault for that incident. I almost had the same experience when I traveled from Seoul to Germany though it was nothing compare to yours. I booked a flight from Seoul to Frankfurt thru a third party portal as I found on skycanner, but a confirmed ticket never came. I followed up hundred times but it ended up that I need to purchase new ticket via Moscow (the cheapest one I could get in last minute booking). I had a long investigation at the Seoul Airport since I will be arriving at Moscow Airport on April 20, but my visa is valid from April 21 (the date of my arrival in Germany). They let me wait for three hours to decide and I still need to transfer for my gate of departure. They let me fly though I am rushing to the gate and to the plane, and I needed to have a 17-hour lay over at Moscow airport.
Anyway, recover from this horror story soon and enjoy the summer there!

    Mary Charie - 05/07/2016

    I guess it’s inevitable especially on our passport, it makes the travelling a lot crazier 😀

    I’m staying til the first week of September. Are you in Aarhus?

Kevin Wagar - 23/06/2016

Wow, what a crappy experience! I’ve had my fair share of in-transit horrors, but at least I haven’t had to live in an airport for a few days!

    Mary Charie - 05/07/2016

    Let me know if you want to share your horror stories! 😀

Mar Pages - 23/06/2016

Oh no, how horrible! I would personally be so angry that Finnair would charge me for their mistake, and force you to deal with it yourself. What if you didn’t have a friend in Denmark? Props to you for handling it calmly, I hope you never encounter such problems again. 🙁

Chris - 21/06/2016

Travel delivers all kinds of experiences, most good, and some not so… hopefully your experiences will help somebody else!!

    Mary Charie - 05/07/2016

    That is so true, travelling is full of surprises! 🙂

Vyjay Rao - 21/06/2016

This is a harrowing and traumatic experience, I can understand how frustrating it can be. Have been in similar situations many times and the frustration lingers for some time, but believe me, it will fade away as pleasant experiences come in.

    Mary Charie - 05/07/2016

    It’s getting better now Vyjay. Thank you! 🙂

Doreen Pendgracs - 21/06/2016

What an unfortunate experience! I’ve actually heard several other such horrific experiences on visits to Bangkok lately. I don’t think I’ll be going there anytime soon.

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