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Go Visit Jamaica – Reasons Why It Should Be On Your Must-See Places

Go Visit Jamaica - Reasons Why It Should Be on Your Must See Places (2)


Travellers should not think twice when deciding if Jamaica is one of the “must-see” paradises. Not only does it have the most stunning beaches but also a cuisine that is unlike no other and a world-class music genre which is a symbol of the relaxing culture that is Jamaica. When you explore the island you come to realise that it is a living paradise, which offers a luxurious getaway for travellers. 

My main goal in writing this article, is to turn your questions from why should I visit Jamaica, to when can I possibly go? Sounds like this could be you? Keep reading so I can tell you why the Caribbean Sea Island of Jamaica is a must-see destination.

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Reasons Why You Should Visit Jamaica

You’ll Lose Count of the Beautiful Beaches

Are you one of those holidaymakers who could easily spend a day by the beach? Enjoying a drink, reading a book, listening to the water as it hits the sandy shore? If your answer is yes, yes and yes, then Jamaica could be the paradise for you.

Jamaica is one magnificent island, full of sprawling white beaches. Wherever you turn your head there are beaches and not just regular beaches but long white sandy stretches which are never-ending. Get up in the morning and watch the sunrise over the eastern side of the island or order a margarita and enjoy the sunset on the west. Jamaica has the most impressive beaches in the Caribbean and that’s not up for discussion.

Remarkable Cuisine

Go Visit Jamaica - Reasons Why It Should Be on Your Must See Places (2)

An unlimited serving of fresh and delicious seafood is what makes the Jamaica cuisine world-class. The flavoursome local Jamaican herbs and spices allow the native chefs to cook up mouth-watering dishes. If you don’t know what dishes you should try, check this what to eat in Jamaica guide.

Make sure to try their national dish called ackee. It’s a locally grown fruit which is sautéed and served with peppers, onions, tomatoes, and salt cod. It will surely make your long flight worthwhile. If seafood doesn’t suit your taste buds, Jamaicans can just as easily prepare for you the best meat and also fruits of your choice. In particular, the jerk chicken! What makes Jamaica cuisine more interesting is the way they BBQ! I recommend eating like the locals and trying the street food.

Reggae Music

When you visit Jamaica, expect reggae music to be played on every seaside and street corner. Making your holiday, like a never-ending music festival. If you are a fan of Bob Marley, this trip could be the best way to learn about his life and music whilst at an epic holiday destination. Hit the dance floor and enjoy the vibe with the locals!

Simply Glistening Waters

I know it sounds too good to be true but goes ahead to rent a boat and go for a sail at night to see how the water glows around you. However, remember not to put your feet down as the mixture of silt and mud feels disgusting,

Perfect Tropical Weather

Pack your bathing suit without checking the weather forecast because the Jamaican climate has a warm, stable temperature all year around. The average daily temperature in Jamaica is 25°C or 77°F from January to December. This will allow you to be able to enjoy the beach and activities as much as you want to. Head to the famous Blue Mountains when you feel like cooling down at some point.

Water Sports All the Way!

If you’re keen on water sports, Jamaica will certainly exceed your expectations. From snorkelling, scuba diving, surfing, kite surfing, and all the water activities you could imagine are offered to you in the beautiful tropical outlook. Adventuring in Jamaica’s crystal clear waters will definitely make see why I love it! But there are also hidden gems to discover in Jamaica.

Go Visit Jamaica - Reasons Why It Should Be on Your Must See Places (2)

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The Lively Locals

The locals are truly the gem of this paradise. Jamaicans are friendly and remarkably hospitable to their visitors. You will be greeted with a warm hello and massive smile, as the locals will make you feel comfortable and at home, making sure you’re enjoying your trip to their country. It’s more than normal to shake a local’s hand when you have just met them, but even some Jamaicans will hug you, to make you feel very welcomed.

The Nature Rocks

Not only the are beaches the biggest attraction in Jamaica. Nature lovers could easily find their own passion away from the sand! Go hiking, bird watching, or simply explore the beautiful nature that Jamaica has to offer. From the green forests, untouched falls, and spectacular mountains, Jamaica will connect you to nature. Nature geeks will be astounded by the abundance of flora and fauna in Jamaica.

Child-Friendly Resorts

The resorts in Jamaica caters for families too! Parents don’t have to worry about keeping their kids entertained because the resorts can keep them busy and of course safe, meaning families could spend a stress-free holiday altogether.

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Golfer’s Paradise

Jamaica welcomes all golf lovers from every corner of the globe. Golfers will have a massive selection of great courses unlike any they have played on before. Jamaican golf courses are luxurious and are built into the beautiful landscape.

I really hope these reasons have convinced to visit Jamaica. Go visit Jamaica now and don’t wait for the next coming years, book a flight and accommodation as soon as possible! This paradise is waiting for you to explore and enjoy it!


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