About Mary


How I Travelled And Lived With 2000 USD For Six Months In Southeast Asia

I always find it hard to write this section. I don’t know, maybe because sometimes we thought that we know ourselves, turned out we actually don’t. I never thought I wanted to travel, I’m one of those young people who plan their whole life and work hard to stick to it.

I didn’t work hard to get to the place I want after I finished my Bachelor’s degree and landed on my first ever job, I ended up leaving it to move abroad. Which lead to finding myself standing in front of a hostel with my whole life packed in two backpacks, a tattoo on my wrist, broke, jobless, but feeling so happy and confident about myself.

Why are you travelling?

I don’t know, I’m not sure why I’m travelling. But I like the feeling of being in a place where no one knows me. Someone asked me, would you still consider yourself travelling if you are in the same place for more than a month? I don’t know, people travel in their own way. I travel quite slow, I stayed in some places for more than a month, some for a few weeks. Sometimes, I’d like to think I’m not actually travelling. I’m just homeless, enjoying to call everywhere my home, most of the time.


What makes you choose this lifestyle?

I like being on time yet loved the adrenaline of running late and the scene of being lost. I hate when things don’t get into my plan yet I can’t deny learning from the unexpected event is relishing for me. Travelling put me in those situations all the time. Another thing I love about my lifestyle at the moment is the freedom, it’s amazing how much freedom I can have. How I am in-charge of what will happen tomorrow. The freedom of I can travel on my own way, own pace.


When did you decide to go travelling?

In 2013, after receiving my most awaited diploma, being a Degree holder and getting a job right away (in the Philippines), I decided to move to Denmark instead, where I found myself daydreaming of travelling for a long-term. I left Denmark at the end of 2015 and flew to Southeast Asia for a full-time travelling.


What do you love about your lifestyle right now?

I found myself torn between travelling, writing and reading a lot. Travelling is my escape for how confusing life is, it helps me understand why some things (good & bad) exist. Whilst writing keeps me sane, it lets me express myself in my own little way, reach out to readers (and people) across the world. Reading feeds my imagination and keeps my brain focus when things don’t fall into its places. These things, are quite hard to put together (at least for me) if I’m living the regular life.


What is your favourite thing to do?

If I will be honest, my favourite thing to do is to be lazy. Have a late morning, then read a book for an hour, if I’m not hungry yet, I’ll plug in my headset to my music player, listen to a sad song, then cry. I love crying, I do believe that we human enjoy pushing sadness aside, there’s nothing wrong with that. I love being happy and pulling jokes, but I do believe that it’s healthy to let yourself cry once in a while, or maybe I do it too often.





I’m 24, originally from the Philippines. I love reading English historical novels, especially about Tudor Dynasty and crime novels. I am a big fan of Philippa Gregory and Peter James!


Oh, by the way, even English is considered as one of the main languages in the Philippines, I’m honestly not that good at it, even I hold a TEFL certificate. So if you find grammar mistakes throughout my blog site, you can either ignore it, correct me, or make fun of me!